Raising capacity, value on employees, open to change, leader at region, efficient resource use, sensitive to; environment, work health and safety, compliant with quality standards, innovative, empowers from workers creativity, customer oriented terms define us.

In order to unlock our employees’ full potential, HR department carefully chooses the right candidate for the required job to be done. Employees are given an entry education on how to job is performed. Employees then are encouraged to develop their skills in and outside of work.

Throughout the year, performance tests are conducted to understand how an employee is complying with given tasks.

It is important for our employees to be happy at where they are, so we offer career development sessions with our HR department.

HR Principles,

• Determine necessary qualifications for the job
• Educate and inform employees on new trends, improve work satisfaction
• Improve performance test that employees can see their output and individual efforts.
• Create a career management system that employees can better themselves at their department as well as communicating with higher ranker officers.
• Collect work scope data, human resource needs, workspace conditions to improve employee satisfaction thus improve customer satisfaction.
• Provide suitable environment to achieve success and creativity. Conduct surveys to better our firm and reply employees need as deemed fit.