Selah Group ; taking strenght from its employees, has set, healthy improvement, providing products and services at universal standarts, being an example of reliability, sustainability and reputation for its Country, clients and supply industry as a main goal and target to itself.
To provide added value to our clients , meet their demands and expectations with stability, to claim our products and be by our consumers’ side after sale is our main goal and duty.


To, always, ‘be the best’ is our indespensible target.

Our main target is, to be the best in our partnerships and relationships with our clients, suppliers, partners, protecting our well deserved image. The reliability, consistency and sustainability to achieve our goals and targets are our main principals.


Our most important capital is our human resources.

The quality of our services and products start with the quality of our employees.
We as Selah Group, believe in recruiting the best possible human power and skills, to benefit from the talents and creativity in the best way we can from our qualified staff ; to increase their productivity , to give them the grounds to improve themselves, and to create an ideal working atmosphere deriving from this solidarity. This is the path we have chosen to make sure that the Selah Group will last for generations with sustainabitiy.


Unsurpassed ethics, and honesty at work is our important criterion.

In our relationships , we pursue fairness, good will for providing mutual benefit, to obey the laws and ethical regulations is our principal.
It is our inevitable duty and responsibility towards Turkey and the rest of the World to be environmental friendly and to spread this ideal to the society , to people of today and generations of tomorrow in order to make sure that we meet our targets and responsibilities.



We , SELAH family, as part of our social citizen awareness, continously keep working towards raising and promoting the living standarts of our community, families of our employees and the general quality of life standarts, by support ing social allocation projects .
Especially about education and health issues , we award scholarships and provide support to numerous students . In addition to this , we work on bringing to life permanent, lasting social projects such as building schools, student dormitories and health care centers to add value to our society.


Sağlık Ocağı
Sağlık Ocağı
Kız Meslek Lisesi
Kız Meslek Lisesi