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H. Erkan SELAH
H. Erkan SELAH

I was born in Aşiyan, İstanbul in the year of 1957. As a family, we have been living in the same neighborhood in the Bosporus. My late father Sezai Selah was born in Van. After he graduated Haydarpaşa High School he started his trade business while attending law and government school. He married my Şişli born mother Müzeyyen Selah in 1954. My grandfathers are of highly esteemed Özel, Uras, Yüksel Soydan house of Van, my grandfather is Seyit Hüseyin Selah.

I started my secondary education in St. Benoit. After I graduated Boğaziçi Behçet Kemal Çağlar Science High School, I have attended prep school in France for one year, then I attended Marketing and Business School in London between 1977-80.

Then was assigned in the abroad worksites of the companies SOYAK and ENKA.

I have found the opportunity to get to know the life and the craftsmen throughout Anatolia while I was marketing the original spare parts of Forol Tractors manufactured in the agriculture equipment manufacturing facilities in Adapazarı of AKSEL Spare Parts and Marketing A.Ş..

Our business being located in Taksim and My father’s sympathy towards the Adalet Party and our 9th President Süleyman Demirel and also many of our seniors within the Party and Family friends Mr. Ekrem Ceyhun and Mr. Orhan Keçeli have introduced me into the politics and I was enrolled in the Youth Branch of the Adalet Party.

I have assumed the founding chairman role in the Tuzla Branch of the Doğru Yol Party in 1992, remained the head of district for three years, achieving the highest vote rate of 1994 by-election among all districts was vouchsafed to me.

I established a shipyard in Tuzla and started building ship and yachts in 1982. I have taken on many active responsibilities in social foundations and NGOs. Some of these are;

• Membership in Turkish Armed Forces Mehmetçik Foundation

• Presidency in Tuzla FC

• Membership in Rotary Club, Beşiktaş

• Membership in Eminönü Charity

• Management in BKC Alumni Association

After my duty as the chairman, I have been continuing my duties as the chairman of the Istanbul Chaber of Commerce Committee of Sea Vessels while I have also acting as the vice president of the advisory committee and high advisory board member.

I have connections due to my Chamber of Shipping councillorship, Mersin Chamber of Commerce, Mersin Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Silifke Chamber of Commerce memberships and my commercial relationships. In addition to that, I also have memberships and participation in many national and international professional associations and public institutions such as OECD Meetings, Professional Issues, Programs conducted with Istanbul Chamber of Commerce through the EU Membership process, individual and institutional attendance to business council efforts co-executed with various countries (Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine, Spain, Canada, Egypt and Algeria etc.) of Foreign Economic Relations Board Business Council. I have prepared the sectorial report for the five year development plan of the State Planning Organization Effort Planning Organization and last term’s presentation have been prepared and presented by myself and the Under Secretariat of Maritime Affairs. The sectorial reports of the 4th and 5th Industry Congress have been prepared and presented by myself.

SELAH MACINERY AND SHIPPING INDUSTRY Tic. A.Ş. of which for the last 21 years I have been the chairman has been conducting business on shipyard operations and is amongst the second 500 largest firms and leads the market.

Chairman of EMEK DENİZ NAKLİYAT A.Ş. a shipping firm who also builds ships

Chairman of AKTER AKDENİZ TAŞUCU GEMİ İNŞA SANAYİ ve Tic. A.Ş. – Joint undertaking for the operation of a modern and large shipyard operation with Mersin Chamber of Shipment, Mersin Chamber of Industry, 17 firms from the business sector and Mersin Customs Zone A.Ş..

Shareholder of STARES Ag., Hamburg, Germany – Spare part manufacture and export for ship building. Additional commercial activities of 2011.

Boutique Hotel, ES PETROL İNŞAAT TURİZM ORGANİZASYON HİZMETLERİ ve SANAYİ TİCARET Bodrum, Muğla; Restaurant, Gümüşlük, Construction of 54 2+1 Seaside Houses

Construction Partnership ZEKERİYAKÖY

A Pension for 910 Vocational School for Girls has come into the service on Feb 26, 2011.

Beykoz Health Center, came into the service in January 05, 2011
Sezai Ekrem Selah


Sezai Ekrem SELAH was born in 1986 in Istanbul, Turkey. After middle school, he went on to Switzerland to continue his studies. After graduating in 2005, he went to United States to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship in Johnson and Wales University. In 2009, he came back to Istanbul to start working within the family business, where he was appointed a member of the executive board and the title of CIO. In 2013, he went Cyprus to complete his military duty as a commander officer in artillery battery. After completion of the military service, he came back to Istanbul. He is dedicated to making Selah Shipyard an innovative and a sustainable shipyard for the naval projects.
E. Emirhan SELAH


Erkan Emirhan Selah born in Istanbul on the 15th of May 1988. Upon his graduation from Istanbul Bogazici College in 2005 , he has studied industrial design before starting his study of industrial art at Istanbul Yeditepe University.
Beside his occupation as an university student, Emirhan is currently acting as Executive Board Member of Selah Shipbuilding Industry Inc. and Aksel Marketing and Marine Technologies Inc. He also practices skill acquired by his education for conducting business of modern yacht building at his solely owned EES Marine Ltd.

Erkan Emirhan Selah, 15 Mayıs 1988 tarihinde İstanbul’da doğdu. 2005 yılında İstanbul Boğaziçi Koleji’nden mezun olduktan sonra, İstanbul Beykent Üniversitesi Endüstriyel Tasarım Bölümü’ndeki eğitimine başlamadan önce uygulamalı sanatlarla ilgili çalışmalar yaptı.
Bir üniversite öğrencisi olmak yanında Emirhan Selah halihazırda Selah Makine ve Gemicilik End.Tic. A.Ş. ve Aksel Pazarlama ve Denizcilik Sanayi A.Ş. şirketlerinde yönetim kurulu murahhas üyeliği görevi yürütmektedir.
Ayrıca eğitiminde kazandığı beceriyi, sahibi bulunduğu EES Denizcilik Marine Ltd. şirketinde modern yatların inşasında kullanmaktadır.


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Office Phone:+902123245933

Büyükdere Cad. No.201

Levent Loft Recidence B Blok D.30

34330 Levent / İstanbul

Selah Makine ve Gemicilik Endüstri Tic. A.Ş. /   Board Member

Doğtaş Kelebek / Board Member

Er Şirketler Grubu- Doğanlar Holding- Salcano Bisiklet / Executive Board Member

YAPI ve KREDI BANKASI A.Ş.- Istanbul Turkey
Head of Corporate & Commercial Banking, 2009- 2013
Executive Committee Member of Yapı Kredi A.Ş. and board member of various subsidiaries of the group (Yapı Kredi Leasing, Yapı Kredi Faktoring, Yapı Kredi NV, Yapı Kredi Azerbeycan and Yapı Kredi Moscow).

YAPI ve KREDI BANKASI A.Ş.- Istanbul Turkey
Executive Vice President – Head of Commercial Banking, 2006 -2009

Istanbul Turkey General Manager - 2003-2006

Istanbul Turkey Head of Corporate Marketing Unit - 2001-2003

Istanbul Turkey Central Branch Manager – 1999-2001

Istanbul Turkey Esentepe Branch Manager -   1995-1999

Istanbul Turkey Supervisor of Corporate Marketing – Head Office 1990- 1995


1991-1992                       : University of West Georgia College/M.B.A.

1986-1990                       : Marmara University/ B.A. Economics

1979-1986                      : Kadikoy High School


Turkish (Native)
Fluent in English


Born in 1968

Veysel ÇAKIR

He has been graduated from İstanbul Pertevniyal High School in 1965 and Ankara University Political Sciences Faculty (Finance and Economy Department) in 1969.

At the same year he started in Accountants Committee. He had worked as Accountant, Chief Accountant and Chartered Accountant until 1982.

He left his position from Ministry of Finance for private sector.

He worked in the private sectors in some positions such as auditor, certified accountant and board member.

Some of these companies are given below: Diler Demir Çelik, Diler Holding, Diler Investment Bank; Yazıcı Demir Çelik, Sedef Shipyard companies board membership, Çelik Endüstri A.Ş., Memsan Metal A.Ş., Sarkuysan A.Ş., Demisaş Döküm A.Ş., Ulusoy Holding, Parsan A.Ş., Omtaş Döküm A.Ş., Eczacıbaşı and Polat Holding group companies; Güriş A.Ş., Cam Pazarlama A.Ş., Asil Çelik and Kaptanoğlu, Kalkavan, Yardımcı, Turkon Line, Ulusoy Marine companies, Yardımcı, Selah and Torgem shipyard group companies and consultancy and auditor positions in various marine groups, ship erection industry groups.

He is still keeping his position of Board Member in SELAH GRUP companies and GLOBAL Menkul Değerler A.Ş.

He researched on Prevention of Double Taxation in London where he was sent by Ministry of Finance on 1979-1980.

He had the position of instructor in Financial Analyze and Tax Law issue in İstanbul University Faculty of Economy, İstanbul University Political Sciences Faculty and İstanbul Trade University. He is still a member of Board of Science in TOBB Economy University

He was elected as member for Temporary Board which was formed via a law by Ministry of Finance in order to establish Chartered Accountancy System.

He worked in the final Tax Reform Commission which was established by Ministry of Finance and Union of Chambers.

He worked in the latest Tax Reform Commission formed by Ministry of Finance and Union of Chambers. He is still member of Tax Council.

He executed the task of Independent Accountant of İstanbul Chamber of Commerce in 1983-1990. His task of Consultant to Chairmen of Marine Trade Office which started at the same time is still ongoing. He had been the Chairmen of “Moore Stephens Turkey” Yönet Yeminli Mali Müşavirlik ve Denetim Inc. Co which was executed jointly with International Audit and Chartered Accountant Services until 2009. He is still Chairmen of YMM and Bağımsız Denetim Inc. Co.

He is a member of Beşiktaş Rotary Club, Cercle D’Orient, Finance Certified Accountants Association, Association of Mülkiye Graduates, TESEV, Koruncuk Association. He had worked in various tax and economy working commissions in TUSİAD where he had worked for some time.

He has the title of Certified Accountants. He speaks English. He is married and has two kids
Career Related Professional Experience :

• General Manager SELAH Shipyard 2013-…..

• Defence Industries Consultant of HATKO Group of Companies 2009-2013
(Member of NKTR Executive Board since 2010 and Chairman since September 2011)

• Chief Inspector of TN (Turkish Navy) (**) , TN Headquarters ANKARA 2008-2009

• Commander of Amphibious Fleet (**) İZMİR 2007 – 2008

• Chief of Personnel TN (**), TN Headquarters ANKARA 2005 – 2007

• Promotion to Rear Admiral (UH) (**) 2005

• Commander of Southern Task Group (*) , MARMARIS 2004 – 2005

• Chief of Plans & Policy NAVSOUTH (*) , NATO Headquarters NAPLES – ITALY 2002 – 2004

• Chief of Operational Training TN (*) , TN Headquarters ANKARA 2001-2002

• Promotion to Rear Admiral (LH) (*) 2001

• Duties as Navy Captain ( 1995 – 2001)

- Chief of Operations Department , Turkish Fleet Command GOLCUK

- 5th Squadron Commander (MEKO Type Frigates)

- Secretary General of Commander Turkish Navy Adm. Salim Dervisoglu , TN Headquarters ANKARA

- Commander of MEKO Type Frigate ORUCREIS

• Duties as Commander (1992-1995)

- Commander of MEKO Type Frigate YAVUZ

-Second-in-Command MEKO Type Frigate YAVUZ

• Duties as Lieutenant Commander (1987 – 1992)

- Turkish Naval Attache in Turkish Embassy ROME – ITALY

- Head of Personnel Training Branch TN , TN Headquarters ANKARA

- Principle Warfare Officer MEKO Type Frigate TURGUTREIS

- Head of Operations Branch Turkish Fleet , Fleet Headquarters GOLCUK

• Other Duties ( 1974 – 1987 )

- On board Frigates , Destroyers , Fast Patrol Boats and Amphibious Ships

- University at USA

- Internal Professional Courses and Trainings ( including international courses , test and trials one year in Hengelo / HOLLAND for MEKO Type Frigates Command & Control Systems , one year at HDW in KIEL / GERMANY)

Personal Skills :

• On duty as the Member & Chairman of NKTR Executive Board 2010-2012

• On duty LPD Project with TKMS & CELIK TEKNE Shipyard 2009-2010

I worked 2 years in this Project in details including HVAC requirements and offers.

• On duty as Chief Inspector TN 2008-2009 All commands , bases and floating platformsa re inspected and evaluated in terms of combat readiness by my 100-person team all the year.

• On duty as Amphibious Fleet Commander TN 2007-2008: I commanded more than 10.000 people including 3 Generals and 2 Admirals from Navy and Army.

• On duty as Chief Personnel TN 2005-2007 My job was to execute all personnel matters related with Admirals , officers , CPOs , ratings , laborers and civilians ( Total 58.000 persons) in the Navy.

• On duty as Southern Task Group Commander 2004-2005 : I commanded number of ships such as frigates , fast patrol boats, submarines, mine sweepers and an oiler with a crew of more than 3.000 as a sea-going task group.

• On duty as Chief of Plans & Policy NAVSOUTH 2002-2004: My job was to prepare operational plans for Southern region NATO Navies and to dictate the policies and principles to be followed when they were at sea. I was the head of 35 multinational officers from all NATO countries.

• On duty as Chief of Operational Training TN 2001-2002 My job was to improve the operational training level and to maintain the combat readiness level high for all type of more than 200 combattants in TN.

• On duty as Secretary General of Commander Turkish Navy 1997-1999 : My job was to coordinate all internal works of departments in the TN headquarters ANKARA and to cooperate affairs between TN and the other services ( Army , Air Force , Government Authorities etc.), to prepare TN Commander’s general and private program, to handle the relations with press etc.

• On duty 16 years at sea (12 years on MEKO type frigates.

Education :

• Turkish Armed Forces War College ISTANBUL 1990

• Turkish Naval War College ISTANBUL 1984

• MS in Electrical Engineering, Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, CA. USA 1981

• Turkish Naval Academy 1974


• Fluency in English and medium level of Italian languages

• Capability of managing personnel

• Capability of understanding technical documents in English

• Planning , programming and systematic time based work discipline.