The main principles of the Integrated Management System (IMS) policies being implemented in the Selah Shipyard.

• Timely and accurate production
• increase productivity without compromising quality
• It detects critical points in the manufacturing process with precise production planning, ensuring continuity in the quality of non-compliance again possible errors by taking preventive measures
• Occupational health and safety matters and occupational diseases to always give priority to the shipyard workers by complying with the legislation, to minimize the possibility of accidents and losses
• The personnel strictly adhere to legislation concerning environmental protection not prevent environmental pollution by creating this awareness
• All as a result of these principles is to always keep customer satisfaction at the highest level to take measures and schemes.

IMS policy with the purpose of the correct interpretation and implementation;

1. Directorate will ensure that all activities for the realization of the said policy.
2.Due to our shipyard is being built at the same time of both commercial as well as military -purpose ships , Commercial and Military Shipbuilding to build synergies through the exchange of cultures between different project groups will be provided.
3.Faith of the shipyard employees at all levels of the IMS policy and as a result of the implementation of the will of the society and in a respectful environment for the environment, commitment to innovation and a high level with that of an institutionalized brought by the engineering knowledge and experience , timely, and accurate and SELAH quality of our ship built to international standards of navigation in the world’s oceans is our main goal.

General Manager