Selah Shipyard Industries have adopted the belief that people and the environment they work in is respected. Our priority is well-being of our workers. In order to achieve a safe working environment, every worker is obliged to work under their restrictions and acknowledge their responsibilities.

According to the policy,

• Workplace, workers, sub-contractors, visitors and the employees working outside the workplace are obliged to work under HSE regulations. Tools and safety equipment is to be carried on, and used when necessary.
• Events that may raise industrial accident or occupational disease are carefully analyzed and the precautious measurements are taken.
• Eliminate any future mishaps that may cause financial or emotional distress to our employees and their relatives.
• Educate our employees about work health and safety in order to have a corporate safety consciousness.
• Sub-contractors and visitors are obliged to follow Selah Shipyard safety instructions.
• Becoming an exemplary firm in shipbuilding industry
• Foresee any changes that may happen in the industry and take actions.
• Built on HSE system management, we confirm our commitment to laws and regulations.