The main principle of shipping operation at SELAH GULF SHIPYARD is to realize the on time and faultless production by competent personel and to achive maximum customer satisfaction.

Our target is to identify the critical points in the production processes and develop systems preventing repetition of possible faults and nonconformities which may arise at these points and so achieve a persistent quality.

We aim to be the leader at our sector using correct method, equipment and labor in our activities. We consider that our suppliers are the strategical partners of our company under comprehension of mutual benefiting.

Based on such collaboration, we aim to keep the customer satisfaction at a high level continuously. We beieve that achieving perfection is possible only by training the employees continuously and thereby providing their contribution to the application of Quality Menagement System as well as ensuring progress by means of continious improvement of the system.

As SELAH GULF Shipyard, our target is to ensure that our ships which are built on time, faultless and with international standards by our institutionalized corporation along with its engineering knowledge and experience at highest level, with an approach to be open to innovations, in an ambient where the society and enviroment are respected for, can navigate over all seas of the world with SELAH Quality.


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